SI 643 Reflection of Class week 05

19 Feb

This week we started by talking about whether gaming can change the real world. Interestingly, while some colleagues were skeptical of the role of gaming in education, others thought that gaming could become a useful tool to promote transfer in learning process. As I talked in class, I think that the role of gaming in learning process will vary depending on who plays it because gamers have different educational, cultural, and social environments. In other words, even if children play the same game, the context of the game can be transferred or connected to other activities or learning in very different ways depending on other environmental factors.

The most interesting finding in the class discussion is that gaming is quite different from reading or watching movie and it may not promote creative thinking because gamers have to follow a certain type of protocols and paths that game creator designed in order to win a game. It means that gaming may be useful to master a certain skill but it has limited capacity to develop learners’ critical thinking.

We also had a chance to meet our blog cohorts and discussed about the main issues raised by key bloggers in library land. We found out that librarians are very proactive and have a liberal attitude toward social issues (e.g. SOPA, PIPA, RAW, and Overdrive issues) because they have been the advocates who support freedom of speech and learning. The hottest issue to key bloggers is eResources because it will affect reading behavior, learning capacity, educational curriculum, and library system and management in the future. In particular, many key bloggers are worried about the problem of emerging technology that the prosperity of eBooks and eReader devices may harm the low-income households’ learning opportunities.

Compared to librarians in European countries who are supposed to serve for a handful of academics, those in U.S. have been and will be educators of people and supporters of freedom of learning. Under the current long-term economic recession, these efforts of U.S. librarians will be a great help to overcome the increasing social inequality in U.S.  


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2 responses to “SI 643 Reflection of Class week 05

  1. lucymwines

    February 23, 2012 at 10:04 am

    I think you’ve got it exactly right when you said “that the role of gaming in learning process will vary depending on who plays it” because of each user’s history. Gaming may be the latest and greatest tech tool for schools, but as with all of the other, lower-tech tools, different students learn differently and connect with learning materials in different ways because of their pasts. In that sense, it seems that other learning tools still need to be in place for those who don’t learn anything from gaming!

    • chris.wolf

      March 25, 2012 at 2:38 pm

      I agree with Lucy–gaming is an interesting option in education, but it’s just that, an option. There is no one-size-fits-all education and that’s important to remember as we consider the efficacy of new educational technologies.


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